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The Impact of COVID-19 on Older Persons in Thailand survey, conducted in July 2020, is the very first survey that directly focuses on older persons. It aims to provide a unique source of information based on systematically collected data. The survey targeted individuals aged 60 years and older, and collected information on economic status, living arrangement, and the physical and psychological health of the respondents before and during the COVID-19 outbreak. It also assessed their knowledge, practices and sources of information regarding COVID-19. Even though the lockdown measures had been relaxed at the time of the survey, it was still recommended to avoid face-to-face interactions. Advantages and disadvantages of other data-collection modes were considered, and finally the researcher decided to create an online survey using the Google Forms tool. The survey employed a multistage sampling technique. The questionnaires were sent out to all older persons living in sampled communities and villages via the messaging application LINE. When a survey participant lived alone; was vulnerable, dependent or illiterate; or had no smartphone or internet access, a local intermediary would serve as an interviewer. A total of 1,230 interviews were completed in both urban and rural areas located in nine provinces and five regions across Thailand. Read more of the survey results in the executive summary.

Infographics highlighting the survey results