Youth and Covid-19 in Thailand: Socioeconomic impact of the crisis

No. of pages: 3

Publication date: 2020

Author: UNFPA Thailand

Publisher: UNFPA

As the Covid-19 crisis unfolded, the United Nations sub-group on young people conducted a series of six online surveys to assess the impact of the crisis on young people in Thailand. The study generated convenience samples of 6771 general youth interviewed between 28 March and 10 April 2020, 818 general youth interviewed between 11 June and 12 July, 1005 ethnic minority or stateless youth interviewed between 4 May and 1 June, 90 teenage mothers interviewed between 11 June and 12 July, 215 youth from Thailand’s three southernmost provinces interviewed between 11 June and 4 July and 186 youth with disabilities interviewed between 12 June and 24 July.

Young people had various concerns regarding the Covid-19 crisis. The risk of Covid-19 infection, access to health care, and the impact of the nationwide lockdown on their education and financial situation were among the top concerns of general youth interviewed between 28 March and 10 April, young people from Thailand’s three southernmost provinces, teenage mothers and ethnic minority or stateless youth.

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