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UNFPA Thailand Country Office is looking for an NGO to be an Implementing Partner for two years (2020-2021) to deliver results. The selected Partners should be able to draw more key actors and partners to ensure that:

1) Assist community members especially those of young and older generations interact and spend quality time together through creative recreation or leisure activities which different generations could participate. The recreations must include: cultural activities, biking and walking with full engagement and attention of participants. 

2) Perform as a facilitator and coordinator among partners including local organisations, CSOs, academia, local groups i.e. youth group, women group, elderly group, local leaders group, local bike groups.

3) Upon mutual agreement with UNFPA Thailand, initiate and  implement as agreed with UNFPA through closely consult and work  with UNFPA as a partner

Invitation for Proposal issue date

20 March 2020

Deadline for submissions of proposals

2 April 2020

Deadline for requests of additional information/ clarifications

26 March 2020

Review of NGO submissions

3 April 2020

Notification of results communicated to NGO

8 April 2020

All detail of the call for proposals, please see here.