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"I want to be a teacher when I grow up to give people knowledge. So they can remember and apply it in daily life," wrote Nichanan Pimkhanha, a Grade 5 student also from Wat Sommanas School.

The young ones were sharing their goal with United Nations Population Fund's staff during a two-hour activity to raise the youth voice as part of the UNFPA global campaign to place young people at the very center of the post-2015 development agenda.  And there's no other better way to kick off the campaign to encourage adults to support the youthful vision than asking the young people to share their dream.

Many students want to become a doctor or a nurse to help other people.  "I want to be a doctor because I want to help sick people. So they can live with their families or follow their dreams. Plus, I can help treating my parents too," wrote Jaruwan Sukswasdi.  A number of boys want to grow up being a soldier and a policeman. "I want to be a policeman so that I can rid of narcotic drugs and Thai kids will not be addictive to drugs," one of them wrote while making the case by drawing cartoon characters who were complaining, "Tobacco smoke stinks".

Some want to be a musician and a chef to cook for other people. Many boys want to be an athlete and footballer, probably the influence from the World Cup.  Some goals are flavourful as Makha Ananpatcharin's dream is to "Sell ice-cream because I want them to be happy all the time." Supharat Saijinda wrote, "I want to be a (computer) programmer to teach poor people." Phurin U-Rattanachai, a Grade 5 student, wrote, "My goal is to be an inventor to create the equipment for old people to make them strong."   Piphobpat Detchrak, a Grade 6 student, said, "I want to a house designer because my house can help the poor and may protect them from natural disaster."  Suphakit Choobun, a Grade 6 student, wrote, "I want to be a veterinarian because I don't want people to get rabies."  Paramat Jai-im, said, "I want to be an astronaut because I want to stand on the moon to have a clearer of picture of our planet and appreciate the earth."

Fifty-seven students from Grade 5 and Grade 6 of Wat Somman as School were eager to draft their life-goal statement on a sheet of paper with the bright UNFPA logo on it. The goal sharing segment is their most favorite part of the activity organized on 30 June, they said.

UNFPA Thailand's members started the small and intimate activity by introducing the students about the United Nations and the mission of UNFPA which is to empower the young people.

Hendrik Mollenhauer from Germany and Jennifer Boyce from Canada, both the UNFPA interns, talked to the students about their goals and confided in them that regardless of their different background, all 1.8 billion young people worldwide all have their dream. They want to grow up to pursue their inspiration, their hope and their ambition.

Wat Sommanas School is located only steps away from the ESCAP building which houses UNFPA, together with most of other United Nations agencies in Thailand.  Yet, most of the young students had little knowledge about the United Nations, not to mention UNFPA. Asked whether they were aware of the UN, students turned to each other, "Was that the green roof?," they said, referring to distinctive green solar-panel rooftop of the ESCAP building.

Its location aside, Wat Sommanas School was selected because it is a community school for people in the neighbourhood. The primary school also has special education programme for students with disability and autism.

Banyat Wannabutr, Principal of the school, said, "We are glad that UNFPA came to visit us."

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