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22 October 2013, Bangkok - Around 500 of photographs were placed all over Remix Studio in Bangkok for the jury members to decide which ones would best describe the theme "A world where every pregnancy is wanted."

The entries from nationwide depicted a diverse meaning of pregnancy such as a picture showing a middle-school student breaking up a pregnancy test kit and a black-and-white photo capturing the nail-biting childbirth moment in an emergency room. A delightful picture of a bird nest was disqualified because the rule specified that only the human photos would be accepted.

"The topic was quite difficult. I was wondering how the entries would turn out. But after I saw the pictures today, I think we've got a diversity of photos with different interpretation from the photographers. I would like to congratulate the organizers," said Yanyong Olarachin, National Artist 2007 in Visual Arts who was one of the judges.

The photo contest was organized by UNFPA and the Contemporary Photography Foundation of Thailand to raise awareness of the changing demographic landscape. The winner in the general public category is titled "Teen Pregnancy" by Hansa Tangmanbhuwadol.  The photo depicts a young mom struggling to raise a young child while the father is walking out the door. The winner in the young people category is "Life..goes on" by Jirawatchara Saivuthinont, with the idea that everyone is entitled to good life and happiness, regardless of who they are.

The winners are selected from a total of 449 photographs up for competition in the general public category and 51 photographs in the young people category or contestants with no more than 20 years old.

Assistant Professor Dr. Chawan Koopipat, another judge, noted, "These images answer to the topic we want people to think about. Based on what we saw, the theme of these entries can be summed up in three ideas; first, birth delivery, secondly, relationship between mothers and children or parents and children and, thirdly, activities relating to birth both in negative and positive aspects such as such a female beggar with a baby."

Anuchai Secharunputong, an award-winning photographer and a jury member, noted, "It is a difficult theme. We were worried that the number of entries would be small. But after we saw the entries, we were relieved because there is a diverse group of photos, with high quality. "The world where every pregnancy is wanted" is not just about the children alone but these pictures are like the jigsaws to show the complicating social problem. Overall, it elevates the Thai photography to the next level and it shows that photography can serve the society."

The other jury members include Nophadon Achasuntisuk, Thanan Eakabuse, Chaiyathat Lakdee, Taweechai Jaowattana, Suvicha Premjaicheun and Jeerawat Na Thalang.

The Winner in General Public Category; Hansa Tandmanbhuwadol
Title: Teen Pregnancy

First Runner-Up
Photographer: Amnaj Ketchin
Title: Blessing

Second Runner-Up
Photographer: Surachet Pornsuwannabha
Title: Want a life, Fight to live

The Winners in the Young People Category 

The Winner in Young People Category

Photographer: Jiravatchara Saivuthinont
Title: Life...goes on

First Runner-Up
Photographer: Wadhakan Dahlan
Title: Blessing Haircut

Second Runner-Up
Photographer: Thannavint Kongmahapruk
Title: Sidewalk

The award presentation ceremony will be held at CentralWorld, Eden area, on Tuesday 12 November 2013, from 1.30 pm.
The winning photographs and selected photos will be displayed at CentralWorld, Eden area, from 11-15 November 2013.

For more information, please contact Jeerawat Na Thalang, Communication Officer, at