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We are pleased to announce the following vacancy:



VA JID 2202 – Programme Coordinator [Extension]


17 June 2022 (4:00 pm Bangkok time)


Individual Consultant Contract


Bangkok (Thailand country office)


June 2022 to 31 December 2022


UNFPA Country Office, Bangkok, Thailand



Programme Coordinator for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SS/TC)

and Partnership for Resource Mobilization

Hiring Office:

UNFPA Thailand Country Office

Purpose of consultancy:

      South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SS/TC) and Partnership for resource mobilization are recognised as accelerators contributing to the achievements of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNFPA 3 Transformative Results including reduced maternal deaths, reduced unmet need for family planning, and reduced gender-based violence and all harmful practices against women and girls. UNFPA in Thailand, has been collaborated with Thailand International Agency (TICA) to promote exchange and sharing of Thailand’s good practices to accelerate the SDGs in other countries through SSTC. For the partnership, UNFPA Thailand CO has been collaborated the initiatives with Civil Societies, Non-Governmental Organisations, Governmental Organisations, academia, and private sectors since last programme cycle and will continue to collaborate in the current 12th Country Programme.  The consultant is required to support the smooth continuation of SS/TC and Partnership for Resource Mobilization for UNFPA in Thailand.

       The purpose of this consultancy is to maintain the robust SS/TC and Partnership for Resource Mobilization as per strategized and planned in the Country Programme Document (CPD). In line with this the consultancy is expected to work with Thailand CO team under the direct supervision of the focal point for SS/TC and Partnership for Resource Mobilization.

Scope of work:


(Description of services, activities, or outputs)


The consultant will work under direct supervision of the national programme officer (currently appointed as the Head of the Office a.i), who is the focal point for SS/TC and Partnership for Resource Mobilization. S/he will also work closely under the strategic guideline of the Country Director and need to be part of Country Team especially close collaboration with programme and the support management, also s/he will need to well align his/her work according to UNFPA PRM-Guidelines and Policy.

The consultant is assigned for programme coordinator for South-South and Triangular Cooperation, and Partnership for Resource Mobilization. For South-South and Triangular Cooperation, the scope is aligned with UNFPA’s guideline and strategy for South-South Cooperation. For Resource mobilization, the scope of this consultancy to include tasks related to SIF and clearly contribution to UNFAP resource mobilization strategy.

She/he is expected to deliver as addressed in specific described services and activities given below.


Support the current country programme on:

1)  South-South and Triangular Cooperation to deliver planned results as indicated in output 3-Population Change and Data – for SS/TC.

2)  Partnership for resource mobilization initiatives to deliver results for output 1 (Adolescent and Youth), output 2 (GBV), and output 3 (Population Change and Data)

Key Activities:

The consultant is expected to coordinate the following tasks:

a) South-South and Triangular Cooperation: - to deliver planned 2022 AWPs and results on SS/TC with TICA which include:

  • Package of Thailand’s good practices on 3TFRs: Coordinate to ensure the completion of packages of Thailand’s good practices on 3 TFRs as agreed with supervisor and partners. The completion includes ToR development, support the identification of consultants, brief with consultants, ensure deliverables are according to TORs, organise the consultative meeting(s) with Thai institutions, closely work with TICA for comments, support on the revising and revising process, and ensure the distribution of packages by TICA and UNFPA Cos network.
  • Evaluate impact of SSTC with Laos (on Institutional Midwifery Education): coordinate with Thailand Social Value Institute (SVI) and TICA to draft TOR, support the communication with Laos CO teams, support the data collection and analysis of the SVI, support the report production and publication, and ensure the report is well distributed to all SSTC networks and concerns.
  • Coordinate to proceed the SSTC with Timor-Leste on midwifery education and with other requested countries. This includes communicate and follow-up on details and required information by TICA, coordinate the consultative meeting between and among partners on needs assessment, support the completion of agreement/collaboration framework under SSTC, coordinate for field visits, coordinate to ensure agreed actions are proceeded according to timeline, and keep record the progress and good practices.
  • Coordinate to support TICA-UNFPA SS/TC initiatives at the SS/TC Global Expo


b) Partnership for Resource Mobilization: -The coordinator is clearly contributing to resource mobilization strategy of both UNFPA Thailand-CPD and UNFPA global. Coordinator is expected to jointly increase other resources through partnership which specific tasks below:

  • Coordinate with UNFPA existing private partners and the new partners through continue organising the annual business coalition meeting and workshop.
  • Coordinate to organise annual stakeholders meeting
  • Coordinate to organise fund raising related activities
  • According to UNFPA requirement, provide the support on due-diligence and risk mitigation; draft donor periodical reports; etc. as required by PRM HQ.
  • Keep communication flow with donors, potential donors and partners.
  • Coordinate for briefing, logistics and admin support to partners
  • Provide information, data and information on partnership for resource mobilization to UNFPA teams including CO, APRO, and HQ.
  • Keep good track of record and report regarding partnership for resource mobilization


c) UNFPA Strategic Investment Facility (SIF) initiative: Under UNFPA resource mobilization strategy, to coordinate and facilitate the UNFPA-SIF which include:

  • Coordinate the SIF initiative as per UNFPA HQ guideline and implementing planned by Thailand CO.
  • Coordinate and maintain of good relations with SIF-UNFPA Thailand’s Partners
  • Provide periodical reports on updates of the initiative as per required by donors and UNFPA.
  • Coordinate with CSOs, NGOs and CBOs of the target populations (vulnerable groups including teen mothers, women with disability, women from poverty background, and women with ethnic background) on the implementation of the agreed initiatives as well as gathers needs and demands for further review of the SIF initiative.
  • Organise periodical meetings and consultations among SIF stakeholders.
  • Organise internal SIF meetings.
  • Prepare documents and necessary information regarding SIF initiative per request.

Duration and working schedule:

June to 31 December 2022

Place where services are to be delivered:

UNFPA Thailand Country Office, Bangkok

Delivery dates and how work will be delivered (e.g. electronic, hard copy etc.):

  • Packages of Thailand Good Practices
  • Agreement of SSTC with requested countries and TICA
  • Outline of SROI for impact evaluation
  • UNFPA-Thailand Good practices sets to be ready to exhibit in the Global SSTC Expo in September
  • Numbers of participants confirmed for partnership for resource mobilization related planned activities (coalition meeting, stakeholders meeting, and fund-raising activity)
  • Analytical reports from partnership for resource mobilization related planned activities.
  • Due diligence and risk mitigation reports approved/ responded from HQ.
  • All planned activities delivered.

Monitoring and progress control, including reporting requirements, periodicity format and deadline:

  • Bi-weekly meetings with supervisor and, if request, meeting with Country Director and supervisor to update work progress and the review on strategy
  • Monthly progress report according agreed plan and results with supervisor
  • Based on agreed plan, presentation of work plan and progress to CO team for their update and feedback.

Supervisory arrangements:

Ms. Duangkamol Ponchamni

Expected travel:

Travel to other provinces in Thailand may occur at least for 2 times.  Travel cost will be provided by UNFPA in accordance with UNFPA Travel Policy. 

Required expertise, qualifications and competencies, including language requirements:

Expected qualification equivalent to NOB with the followings specific requirements:

  • Advanced university degree in public/private relations, economics, marketing, business administration and related areas.
  • At least 2 years of progressive professional experience in private or public partnership, corporate partnership, or related experiences.
  • Substantively of at least 2 years of experiences with the UN, private partners, project management, and seasoned expert, in partnership for resource mobilization and/or partnership management.
  • Know UNFPA’s mandate and work in Thailand and global
  • Excellent English communication skills.
  • Experience working multilateral organizations and the UN system preferred.
  • Written and oral proficiency in English and Thai is required.

Inputs / services to be provided by UNFPA or implementing partner (e.g support services, office space, equipment), if applicable:

Office space and office equipment

Necessary documents related to the assignment.

Other relevant information or special conditions, if any:

Terms of payment: Monthly basis through time sheet endorsed by the supervisor.

How to apply:


Candidates should submit the following documents:

  1. An application letter which states the candidate’s motivation to apply for this post,
  2. A curriculum vitae, and
  3. A completed United Nations Personal History (P 11) with at least two references


All the above documents must be sent by e-mail to


The P11 is available on the UNFPA websites at:


Please quote the Vacancy number JID 2202 Consultant – Programme Coordinator


The deadline for application is Friday, 17 June 2022, at 4:00pm Bangkok time.


This position is open for Thai nationals only. Only short-listed candidates will be notified.


UNFPA provides a work environment that reflects the values of gender equality, teamwork, Embracing diversity in all its forms, integrity and a healthy balance of work and life. We are committed to maintaining our balanced gender distribution and therefore encourage women to apply. UNFPA promotes equal opportunities for all including persons with disabilities.


Notice: There is no application, processing or other fee at any stage of the application process.  UNFPA does not solicit or screen for information in respect of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status.


Date issued:        Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Date Closed:       Friday, 17 June 2022, at 4:00pm Bangkok time.